Renewing Towards the Future



Rubyxco is a civil association that seeks to generate environmental projects that contribute to the cleaning and regeneration of ecosystems, going hand in hand with society, fostering the care and learning of our environment.

2020 vision


To be a company of ecological and sustainable projects that grows, providing services to the general public, with state presence, financial strength and additional income for services related to its intellectual capital and physical and commercial infrastructure.


A company recognized by its capacity in the evaluation and solution of environmental problems, competitiveness, transparency, technological vanguard and application of criteria in sustainable development.



To generate a sustainable future with scientific and technological vanguard, applying development criteria that contribute to the cleanliness of our environment. Conserving the flora and fauna, going hand in hand with society, promoting learning and awareness of the management of natural resources.

about us


Rubyxco is an organization dedicated to awakening society's interest through science and technology to help protect the planet. By acting with significant impact we will achieve a sustainable future. Pioneered and co-founded by Julio Gutierrez in 2019, we are always expanding and looking for volunteers. Rubyxco hopes one day to grow this reach to a global level.