Renewing Towards the Future

On February 24, 2014 a group of people committed to the conservation of Mexico's natural resources, started with a joint idea from which the Mexican Association for the Protection of the Environment and Animals (AMPAA) emerged with the objective of preventing, conserving and restoring the ecological balance, providing current and future generations with a quality environment. With this we promoted lectures, workshops and courses on sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, environmental education activities, as well as their techniques to various educational institutions and private agencies, keeping in mind the best quality, professionalism and commitment of our trained instructors.

Later, when we realized that we did not comply with the corresponding legality, the association decided to stop carrying out activities in the year 2016 for the simple reason that we privately limited the opportunity to other institutions, companies or associations with legal status and with a in the same horizon during several meetings that will be held a cape in the time absent with the group of friends, will address the difficulties and decision making that will expand our goals and visions, so it would completely change our main objective.

That main objective had a lot to do with the inclusion of the social sphere, we could not leave out such an important sector as the link that people have with the environment and the opportunities that indigenous communities offer us to learn and, above all, to know from their point of view, the relationship that man has with nature.

Thus, after approximately three years, on July 4, 2019, the civil association RUBYXCO was officially constituted by the group of people committed to our natural resources in Mexico and the world, led by biologist and co-founder Julio Cesar Gutierrez, biologist Aaron Montiel Garnica (deputy director) and Juan Carlos Heras. Like the rest of the team, we are committed to offering continuous improvement, transparency and quality, and we comply with synergies with government and private institutions with a common goal.       

The organization now has a significant and innovative change, reflecting our new logo, objectives and vision, where our areas would be broader related to science, technology and society, with the aim of being a multidisciplinary organization for greater objectives and better results.

OUR Beginnings